The Alien Landscape of Grief

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I wrote a short story. But this one is far divergent from anything I’ve ever written. It’s sci-fi, different from my usual mystery-thrillers. It’s written in the voice of a teenager, again not my norm, but some things put you in that headspace. My other novels were plotted, scrutinized for ebb and flow. This poured out of me. 

This tore me apart. 

Because the entire story IS me, though in a metaphorical sense. It’s everything I felt after I lost my father. 

It’s about rage, because some horrid, omnipotent creature stole someone you love. About the pointlessness of it all, the horror, the fear of moving on in this huge, scary world without someone who has always been your rock, whose mere presence was enough to convince you that things were going to be okay. It’s about how loss has the ability to drag you back to when you were most vulnerable. How feeling abandoned rips your guts out and reduces you to this childlike space where you just want to throw a tantrum because you cannot fathom how else to actually deal with those big feelings. It’s about the way I obsessed over finding the people who got his organs, these little pieces of him that someone got to use but that would always kinda be my dad. 

This story is about loss and grief and heartache. 

It’s about knowing that things will never be the same. 

But it’s also about the way my dad used to make me smile. About the way he always joked around, the way he could laugh harder than anyone I’ve ever met. The way he loved poker and olives and puns. How he had the uncanny ability to turn negatives into positives. About how I grew up knowing I was worth it, that I could be anything. It’s about how, every day, I try my damnedest to be the person he’d have wanted me to be. 

It’s about loss and grief and heartache. But it’s also about love. 

I wish I could say that grieving stops, that the pain goes away, but grief is not really a thing that ever disappears. I imagine that I will sob many years into the future on Christmas eve, as I did this year, wishing I could hear his voice again. And in five years or ten years, on the days when the sorrow is as fresh and poignant as it was the day it happened, on the nights when I feel hollowed out like someone punched me in the gut—I will accept it. 

My father lived his life well—he made sure I knew love. He made sure I had something worth grieving. Grief is not some horrendous, fearful thing for me, not anymore. Today, the pain means I was once loved well enough to make it mean something. And that I would not trade for the world.

For all who have loved and lost…this is for you.  (For more, check out On the Loss of a Parent: Grief from Love and 10 Things I Learned in the Year After My Father's Death.)

Alien Landscape is now available on Amazon, iBooks and Nook

From the Back Cover:

Be brave, little girl. Daddy’s here. 

As far as thirteen-year-old Katie is concerned, her world might as well revolve around her father. But lately, things have been strange on their North Dakota ranch. It’s not like Daddy to miss a private joke or forget to read a bedtime story to baby Jack. And the cattle are acting funny, too. Just last night, they woke Katie up with their bellowing. Or maybe that was part of her nightmare, the one with the brilliantly purple sky.

But dream or no, Katie is sure something’s wrong. She can feel it between her shoulder blades, like a pair of clammy flingers climbing up her spine. Nevertheless, she has faith that she and Daddy can fix it. There’s never been a problem they couldn’t solve, as long as they had each other. 

But Katie’s about to find out that some things are too horrifying to understand, let alone fix. 

It’s a brave new world out there. 

And in this world, bravery can’t save you....  continue reading


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Today, I have my very first short story up for you: Crimson Snow. And it's FREE on Amazon (HERE) and Nook (HERE)! My husband is convinced it's half love story, half creepy. I think there's a lot of yearning underneath all that crimson snow. You be the judge. 

From the back cover:

Green Valley was once known for its fertile farming, picturesque mountains, and abundant wildlife. Now snow and ice cover all but the tallest homes. The only sounds are Maverick’s boots clumping through the snowdrifts and the frigid wind hissing down the mountain. Even the beasts in the woods have gone utterly silent.

But the path forward is clear, especially for one emboldened by optimism. So Maverick keeps moving, trudging through the abandoned town toward the desolate tundra beyond the forest, marring the snow with his bloody footprints.

To leave is a risk. To stay might be suicide.

Either way, no one leaves these mountains alive.

Intrigued? You know you are. Get Crimson Snow NOW before this offer ends....  continue reading

Repressed: Not All Monsters Wear Masks

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I am so excited to announce that Repressed is NOW AVAILABLE to the public! CLICK HERE to get it on Amazon and CLICK HERE for Nook). This book was a labor of love and I adored every moment of the process, from the nitty-gritty research to interaction with readers who just COULD NOT WAIT for this book to hit the shelves. 

What readers are saying about Repressed

“Chilling, suspenseful and impossible to put down.”
~Kristen Mae, Beyond the Break

"Wonderful, amazing and leaves you wanting more...gasp worthy, totally took my breath away." ~Heather Holter, Maxed-Out Minivan

"WOW! What a book! (O'Flynn has) amazing ability to captivate an audience and spin a tale." ~Alyson Herzig, The Shitastrophy

"Darkest book yet. Twisted...realistic and haunting." ~Nicole Knepper, Moms Who Drink and Swear

“REPRESSED is O'Flynn's latest and most chilling installment in the Ash Park series. If you weren't already a fan, she'll hook you with this one...and probably slice, dice, and filet you as well. You'd better glue your eyelids open before you start reading because you won't want to look away.” ~Mary Widdicks, A Mutual Addiction

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Conviction runs deep. Courage runs deeper.

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Conviction, number two in the Ash Park series, is available now. Get a print copy for your bookshelf to sit right beside Famished. Click here to check out my creeepy-cool book trailer. Then review it on Amazon HERE. Your reviews and may be the deciding factor in whether others pick up any of my novels. You're powerful. You're bad ass. And if you need review ideas, here are a few of the already awesome reviews on Conviction

"A white-knuckled thrill ride from first page to last." ~Andra Watkins, NYT bestselling author of Not Without My Father

"Addictive and consuming, O'Flynn will have you chewing your nails off until the very end." ~Kristen Mae, Beyond the Break

"Conviction will have you jumping at shadows and leave you hungry for more." ~Mary Widdicks, The Mermaid Asylum

From the back cover:


Conviction means nothing when you’re dead wrong. 

Shannon Taylor takes no prisoners—save the ones she tosses into lockup. Between convicting criminals as an Ash Park district attorney, dealing with her jerk ex-husband (who also happens to be her boss), and caring for her dying brother, Shannon is already stretched thin. So she’s less than thrilled when new evidence from a closed case emerges—evidence suggesting she threw a young mother in jail for a murder she didn’t commit. 

Shannon knows the girl is hiding something. But whatever the secret, it is even more compelling than the hope of freedom—the girl won’t talk.

When Shannon becomes the target of a series of cryptic and bloody warnings, she must find a way to protect everyone she holds dear. Will her persistence free an innocent woman? Or will her pursuit of the truth turn her family into helpless targets in a madman’s game? 

Conviction runs deep. Courage runs deeper. And nothing in Ash Park is as it seems....  continue reading

FAMISHED: Everyone's hungry for something.

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Famished is available today! CLICK HERE to get the series everyone's talking about!

"Thrilling, emotional, and depraved, with twists and turns you don't see coming."  ~Kristen Mae, Beyond The Break

"Fearless, smart writing and a plot that will stick with you."  ~Beth Teliho, Order of Seven

"Famished is delightfully twisted and dark and emotionally difficult and fantastic. If you like a brilliant Stephen King style mind f*ck of a story, this book is for you."  -Nicole Knepper, Moms Who Drink and Swear

"Smart and suspenseful and completely twisted, full of multi-dimensional characters who aren't always on the right side of good--but you love them anyway. Or love to hate them." ~Mary Widdicks, The Mermaid Asylum


From the back cover: 

Starvation Takes Many Forms

Ash Park, a run-down suburb of Detroit, might not be the most idyllic place to live, but for Hannah Montgomery, it’s safe. At least, it feels that way until a serial killer starts dicing up women from the shelter where she volunteers. 

Despite the ever-present tingling at the nape of her neck, Hannah manages to convince herself that the killings have nothing to do with her brutal past—until her boyfriend is murdered in the same ruthless manner as the others. It doesn’t help that the police think she might have done it.

But the cops are right about one thing: Hannah is responsible. Because she knows who the killer is. Now she must face the fact that she brought a monster with her to Ash Park—and his appetite for blood is insatiable.

Everyone's hungry for something. 

Some are more famished than others.

Buy this book today on Amazon by clicking here, and when you're done, please consider leaving a review on Amazon HERE and on Goodreads HERE. Maybe tell everyone everyone you know. Beacaus,e karma. And also because writers need all the help they can get. I can't do this without you lovely people.

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